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Trial piece drawings

3 copies of trial piece drawings by JFC dated 15 May 1984, 1 drawing of trial piece flotation arrangements by JFC dated 3 April 1985, I drawing of trireme section by JFC dated 2 May 1985.


Original drawings for NMM Pub. of advisory discussion Greenwich 1983

Drawing of inside and oustide elevations, 19.10.82, JFC. drawing of rowing mock up, 25.10.82, JFC. plan of proposed trireme reconstruction, side elevation and top elevation, 1.11.82. JFC. drawing entitled "Lines of Hull, Form number 4, outside plank", 22.10.82. drawing of proposed recontruction of mid section. 23.10.83. Copy of mid section drawing marked "not to be used"


Original drawings for NMM Pub. of advisory discussion Greenwich 1983

2 drawings of plans of proposed reconstruction, side and tip elevations, dated 7.7.83, and 24.1.83 JFC. 2 drawings of proposed reconstruction of mid section, dated 3.2.83, and 23.10.83, JFC.


Trireme plans

Set of trireme plans, Plan no 1 - general arrangement of trireme, 29.2.84, amended 21.7.84. plan no 9, trieres foot stretcher, 18.7.84, plan no. 10, arrangement of stern, 12.6.84, plan no. 11 trieres arrangement at fore end, at deck level and below gunnels, 22.6.84. Plan no. 13, trieres run of planking 19.7.84, plan no 20, trieres ram, 27.8.84. plan no 21, foreward and forecastle decks, 6.9.84. Plan no 23, trieres quarterdeck, 21.9.84. set of small plans - plans 15-18, showing oar blades, spikes, harmoniai/gomphoi and keel scarfs. 2 tables re "outside of plank" measurements.


Mock ups

Plan of rowing mock up, JFC, 1.2.83. 2 copies of superceded rowing mock up, JFC, 25.10.82. plan of pulling mock up JFC, 30.1.84. plan of rowing mock up, JFC, 21.5.83.


Trieres plans

Plan no. 8, arrangement of midsection, JFC, 7.6.84. plan no. 10, arrangement of stern, JFC, 12.6.84. plan no. 11, arrangement of fore end, JFC, 22.6.84. plan no. 20, trieres ram JFC 27.8.84. plan no. 21, forward and forecastle decks JFC, 6.9.84. plan no. 23, quarter deck, JFC, 21.9.84.


Trieres plans

4 copies of plan no. 24, rudder bearings, D. Dymore, 27.9.84. plan no. 24a, rudder bearings, D. Dymoke, 24.1.86. plan of general arrangement JFC, 7.3.85. plan of raising and lowering the mainmast JFC, 1986. plan of general arrangement of standing and running, Owain T P Roberts, march 1985.


Trieres plans

Plan of trial piece flotation arrangements, JFC, 3.4.85. 2 copies of plan of trial section of trireme, JFC, December 1984. 2 copies of plan of trieres raising and lowering of Mainmast. 2 copies of Trieres rigging list. Owain Roberts, March 1985. 3 copies of drawings of trieres brail fairlead and brail ring.


Trieres plans

Drawing of the trireme, JFC, 1986. 2 copies of plan of mast-head fittings, Owain Roberts, March 1985. 2 copies of plan of sails - details, Owain Roberts, March 1985. 3 copies of plan of boat sail, Owain Roberts, March 1985, 2 copies of plan of main sail, Owain Roberts, March 1985. 2 copies of plan of masts, Owain Roberts, March 1985. 2 copies of plan of general arrangement of rig and fittings, Owain Roberts, March 1985. 3 copies of plan of general arrangement of standing and running rigging, March 1985.


Trieres plans

4 drawings of Greek Trireme. Copy pf plan 201-11, JFC March 1997. Lines of hull - form no.5 outside plank, JFC, June 1983. Lines of Hull, form no.7, outside plank, JFC, February 1984, superceded.


Trieres plans

Plan no. 24, trieres rudder bearings, L. D. Dmymoke 27.9.84, modified 1.8.85 JFC. Plan no.11 trieres arrangement at fore end, JFC, 22.6.84. Plan 21 trieres forward and forecastle decks, JFC, 6.9.84. Plan no.20 Trieres ram, JFC, 27.8.84. 2 copies of plan no. 23 Trieres quarter deck, JFC, 21.9.84, one imcomplete. Plan no. 10 trieres arrangement of stern, JFC, 12.6.84.


Trireme Plans

2 copies of plan no. 14, Scheme of plank, keel and wale scarfs, JFC, 1983. Plan no 12 - trieres stern profile and plan, JFC, 1984. Plan no. 7, trieres line of hull. JFC, 1984. Plan no. 22, trieres line of stern, JFC 1984. 2 copies of plan of boat and main yards, Owain Roberts, 1985. 3 copies of plan of trieres mast tabernacles, JFC, 1985


Trireme Plans

Plan no. 27, trieres gunwales, JFC, 1986. Plan of trieres general arramgement, JFC, 1985. Plan no. 9, trieres foot stretcher, JFC, 1985. Plan no. 24, trireres rudder bearings, L.D. Dymoke/JFC 1984. Plan no 24a. trieres rudder bearings, JFC, 1986. Plan no. 13, trieres run of planking, JFC, 1984. Plan no.26, triearch's chair, JFC, 1986. Plan no.15, trieres oars - thalamian, JFC, 1984.


Lenormant relief and Trireme Plans

6 copies of drawings of Lenormant relief, showing pictures of rowers. Plan of trireme slipway and launching, JFC, 1983. Plan of trieres conversion to horse transport. Plan of sail and rigging.


Trireme rower and oar positions

2 copies of drawing depicting interor of trireme and rowing positions. drawing of side of trireme showing waterline and wale. 17 drawings showing movement of oars.


Other ancient ships, GROW

GROW illustrations. 5 plans and elevations of other ancient ships, including Liburnian and Hermiolia.


Oarsystems on Roman ships, GROW

GROW illustrations. Charts depicting oarsystems for the early "four", the Pentekonta, the Hekakonter, the Aphract trireme. and Polyremes of 4 and 5.


Grow illustrations, other ancient shipping

2 copies of plan of 8thC BC pentecontor JFC July 1993. plan showing arrangement of oarsmen in Polyremes of 4 snd 5 files, JFC January 1985. 2 copies of plan BT12-4 trihemiolia JFC 28/12/93, 4 copies of chart with comparative drawings of various ancient ships, 2 copies of plan BT14 reconstruction of a Hexeres, JFC 14/10/93. Drawing of trireme. Drawing of interior of trireme - rear view of rowers.


Grow illustrations

2 copies of plan BT25 Hermiolia. Plan 25, Trieres hypozoma tensioning gear. Plan 201-3 Greek trieres JFC 19/1/94. plan BT12-14 - trihermiolia. 2 copies of plan BT19-2 reconstruction of "five" as seen on frescosa t Pompeii, Nyphaeum and Aula Isiaca, and in the relief at Ostia, JFC 12/3.94. 3 copies of BT13 plan of Isola, Rome, oar arrangements, JFC 1993. 1 copy of plan 13.2 AOG Chapter 10 fig9/25


GROW illustrations

Plan BT20-2 Erment model, JFC 14/3/94. 2 copies of Ermot model (superceded). 3 copies of reconstruction of shipshed fresco from Pompeii (superceded).


GROW illustrations

3 copies of plan BT15, reconstruction of a Hepteres. 2 copies of plan BT 26, Isola Tiberina oar positions. Small plan entitiled 'BT04 modifications suggerees, RB'. 4 copies of plan BT23 of Tiberina. Plan BT24 entitled ' "4" to fit Piraeus shipsheds".


GROW illustrations

2 plans of BT07 and one of BT08 - reconstruction of shipshed frescoes from Pompeii. Drawing BT12 Trihermiolia. 2 copies of BT20, 1 copy of BT20-2 "Erment as a "5" and as a "3". BT09-2 hypothetical early "5", JFC 1/1/94.


GROW illustrations

4 copies of plan BT22 Liburnian, JFC 25/11/93. 2 copies of BT 09 Penteres - early type, developed st Syracuse, c. 400 BC JFC 17/5/93.


Oar positions

2 copies of plan 201-4 showing trireme oar postions and range, JFC 30/11/95. 3 copies of plan 201-3 showing oar positions and side-view drawing of seated rowers. JFC 10/1/94. 3 copies of plan 201-3a showing oar movements, JFC 20/11/95.


Trireme oarsystem

7 copies of plan 201, trireme oarsystem. 2 copies of plan 15c Trieres - spruce oars. 2 copies of plan 15e Trieres - modified oars.


Trireme oarsystem

4 copes of plan 8 - arrangement of midsection, JFC 7/6/84. 2 copies of plan B1 trireme 2 oarsystem, JFC 17/4/90. 2 copies of plan B2 trireme 2 oarsystem, 17/4/90.


Trireme oar systems

4 copies of plan of trieres general arrangement, JFC 7/3/85 (modified 13/8/85), and JFC 1992. 2 copies of plan 201-12 showing oarsystems JFC 21/3/97. 3 copies of plan 201-13 showing oarsystem, JFC 9/2/2000. Plan 15c trieres - spruce oars. JFC 10/1/88. 4 copies of plan 15d trieres - spruce oars, JFC 7/8/89. Plan 15f trieres spruce oars, JFC 25/2/92. 4 copies of plan 15g trieres spruce oars, JFC 20/1/94, 22/3/98.


Trireme mark 2 - oarsystems

Plan 201-10 showing oar range, JFC 13/3/97. Copy of Plan 201-14 (ex 201-13) 1997. 2 copies of plan 201-15 trieres mark 2, arrangement of stern to show differences from Olympias (plan 10), JFC 24/5/2000. Plan of Trireme mark 2 rowing mock-up, JFC 26/12/97. Unititled plan showing oar ranges. Plan 201-8 showing oarsystem JFC 1/5/96. Plan 201-7 showing oarsystem, JFC 15/4/96. Plan 201 7a, showing oarsystem. Plan 201-4 showing oarsystem, JFC 30/11/95


Trireme oar system

1 collection of transparancies - show oar angles and ranges. 1 collection of drawings of oars.


Trireme oarsystems

1 collection of drawings depicting oar and rower positions. I collection of 4 graphs showing height/velocity ratio of male and female rowers.


Set of Greek Trireme building drawings at 1985 - part one

Plan 16, annexe 5, showing Harmoniai and Gomphoi, JFC, 18/7/84. Plan 18, showing keel scarfs, JFC 18.7.84. Plan 19 annexe 8, showing plank scarfs and endings JFC 18/7/84. Plan showing Trieres general arrangement, JFC 1985. Plan 7 Trieres - lines of hull JFC 14/2/84. Plan 8 trieres - arrangement of mid section, JFC 7/6/84. Plan 9, Trieres foot-stretcher, JFC 26/7/85. Plan 10 trieres - arrangement of stern, JFC 12/6/84. Plan 11, trieres arrangement of fore end, JFC 22/6/84. Plan 12, Trieres Stern profile and plan, JFC 17/7/84.

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